Electric Accessories

Dual Track Power Bus

10' bus containing 2 12 gauge zip cables and circuit taps

12 AWG cable with color-coded PowerPole connectors. Connections are compatible with 2011 NMRA N-Trak standards and provide a latching connection for extension to additional cables.  Includes 2 dual track circuit taps which can be attached at any point along the bus.  It is recommended to provide power to at least one module on each side of the table.  Additional taps (sold separately) can be added to attach to more modules.

Dual Track Power Receptacle

Track Bus Receptacle

Snap-in receptacle provides PowerPole connectors for both Red and Yellow tracks. Connections are compatible with 2011 NMRA N-Trak standards and T-Kits.com track buses. Track connections are Kato track joiners which can be snapped onto any Kato Unitrack product.

Dual Track Bus Tap

Additional taps for dual track power bus

Tap for Dual Track Bus used to connect modules to electrical bus.  Tap provides for separate circuits for the two primary tracks.  Tap can be added at any point on the bus, and can be moved if necessary.

Kato Bus Adaptor

Kato Bus Adaptor

Adaptor to attach T-Kit Track Receptacle to power sources using Kato connectors.  The adaptor consists of two 9" color coded cables that plug into the Dual Track Receptacle on the module and male mini-Molex connectors to interface to Kato wiring products.  This is useful when modules are used in multi-club layouts and wiring compatability is an issue.

Accessory Bus

10' Accessory Bus with tap

10 foot 12 AWG zip cable with color-coded latching PowerPole terminals to allow problem-free connection to additional bus cables.  Cable includes a tap which can be attached anywhere along the bus and provides connection to module's accessory receptacle.  Addtional taps can be added to provide accessory power to any number of modules.

Accessory Bus Receptacle

DC Accessory Receptacle

Snap-in receptacle provides PowerPole connection for accessory power. Connections are compatible with T-Kits.com Accessory Bus Cables. Module termination is a 8 position Euro style terminal strip.

Accessory Bus Tap

Accessory Bus Tap

Additional tap for Accessory bus.