T-Trak Made Easy

Quality Without The Carpentry

T-Kits has developed a family of precisely designed modules that are easy to assemble, structurally sound, lightweight, and adaptable to either hard or foam surfaces. We even offer our modules in a pre-assembled form to make it even easier to get up and running.

Our modules and carriers are made from only the finest Russian Baltic Birch plywood, shaped by computer-controlled CNC routers, and assembled by experienced finish carpenters. The modules are engineered to work equally well with a solid wooden deck or a full 2” foam deck.  

Optional 10” skyboards are available that attach easily onto the back of the modules. The modules have receptacles that secure the skyboard and make setup as easy and fast while being sturdy enough for the most complex 3D backdrop.

Modules are designed to be fully compatible with T-Trak standards. All modules can be assembled with either the standard plywood top or with 2" foam inserts.  Straight modules use the exact height and width specifications for N scale T-Trak modules. Our straight modules have a uniform depth of 13”. This provides maximum real estate for modeling while still providing an adequate center trough for wiring and skyboards.  All modules have adjustable feet which can be positioned using an allen wrench from the top of the module, or with a standard hex wrench from below.

Modules can be wired to accept feeds from up to 3 track buses as well as DC current for lighting, accessories, and signage.  Modules are built to accept our full line of Power Pole bus distribution system.  By accommodating an integrated bus system that handles all track feeds as well as powering all lighting and accessories, layout setup and teardown can be streamlined and simplified.  Electrical components are based on the 2011 N-TRAK Power Pole bus standards and adapted to fit into any operating environment, with a full line of connectors and adapters.