Module Assembly Instructions


Kit Parts You Should Have Received:


  1. Top – largest piece in the kit and the base for assembling the module
  2. Sides – two 13”x2 ¾” pieces
  3. Front & Back – two pieces that are as long as the top is wide (varies by module type)
    1. For straight modules (single, double, triple), and end caps, the back will have holes for skyboards
    2. Single modules and End Caps will have a precut hole for electrical receptacle
    3. Doubles and Triples will have 2 receptacle holes
  4. Corner Brackets – four small pieces with T-nuts glued in place
  5. Adjustable legs – four 2” bolts or 2” set screws to be used as leveling legs

Tools You Will Need:

  1. flat surface covered in paper (in case of glue mishaps)
  2. weights – anything above 2 lbs. will do fine (e.g., pot of water, heavy bottle, etc.)
  3. strap clamp (we like the Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp)
  4. razor knife
  5. wood glue
  6. sand paper
  7. spacer blocks

Preparing Corner Blocks and Cleaning the Rabbets and Dadoes

A dado is a 2 sided groove with a flat bottom. The corner brackets fit into dadoes in the module sides. 

A rabbet is a groove on the edge of a piece of wood.  The sides fit into the rabbets in the module top.

  1. Use the razor knife to cut the 4 corner blocks from the assembly.  Trim and sand the edges as required.
  2. Sometimes, our high speed tools, leave fuzz on the edges and bottoms of the rabbets and dadoes.  Run a corner bracket along the rabbets and dadoes to clean them out.

Assembling the Module

  1. Dry Fitting
    1. Place the top, with the rabbets facing up, on a flat surface.  Place a weight in the center to keep the top as flat as possible.
    2. Fit the clamp loosely around the top. The corner pieces will help hold the sides in place.
    3. Add the sides and tighten the clamp until the joints just close.  Do not over tighten.  Make sure all the joints close.  If a joint won't close, investigate.  Sometimes a small splinter of wood works into a joint.
    4. Install the corner brackets with the tee nuts visible, and make sure they are fully seated.  If they won't seat fully into the corners, investigate and fix the problem.  You may have to loosen the clamp.
    5. Loosen the clamp and remove the sides and corner brackets.
  2. Glue the Module
    1. Place a bead of glue in the angle of the rabbets around the top of your module.
    2. Place a bead of glue in the bottom of the dadoes on the side pieces.
    3. Re-assemble the module and tighten the clamp until the joints just close.  Remember to install the corner brackets with the tee nuts visible  Do not over tighten the clamp.
    4. Use a weight and tap on the corners to make sure they are fully seating into the top.
    5. If the sides bow outward from the top, place spacer blocks between the strap and the sides to hold them in place.